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Backsplashes add visual interest to the rooms in which they’re installed.

In rooms where moisture is present, the walls can take a lot of abuse. Bathroom walls tend to get wet from sink overspray and accidental splashing, while kitchen walls often have food stains and moisture spots. Even a laundry room with a sink can end up with water stains and moisture damage on its walls. One way to protect the walls in any of these rooms is to add a backsplash. Backsplashes are panels placed on the walls to fill the gaps between the countertops and cabinets. Many backsplashes are made of tile, as this material is moisture-resistant and visually appealing. Although a backsplash does serve a functional purpose, that’s not the only reason to have one installed. Backsplashes add visual interest to the rooms in which they’re installed.

Backsplashes in Winter Park, Florida

Although backsplash installation might seem like a straightforward project that you can tackle on your own, you may soon find that the process is a bit more complex. If you’re using tiles, they have to be cut to fit into the available space. Clean lines and effective cuts will ensure a great visual result. Certain types of tile work better for backsplashes than others, so using the wrong type of tile may also yield a poor result.

At McNamara’s Home Improvements, we specialize in backsplashes. Our technicians can install a backsplash in the kitchen, bathroom, and/or laundry room of your Winter Park, Florida home, adding a pop of visual interest and a layer of protection to your walls. If you’d like to request an estimate for a new backsplash, give us a call.


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