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Showers aren’t just a perfect retreat, but can also be a focal point of your new bathroom.

Lots of people enjoy spending time in the shower because you can get some peace and quiet, not to mention being able to put some heat and water therapy on those aching muscles. At McNamara’s Home Improvements, we know that a bathroom renovation can be quite exciting and rewarding overall, but if the idea of a new, luxury shower appeals to you, reach out to us to learn about our shower remodeling services in Winter Park, Florida.

Showers in Winter Park, Florida

Showers aren’t just perfect retreats, but your new shower can also be a focal point of your bathroom. We can add both functionality and beauty to your new shower so you achieve every objective that you have in mind. Speaking of functionality, showers that have plenty of space are also perfect for improved accessibility. Families that plan to age in place, for example, can appreciate showers that are handicap-accessible. Even an injury before retiring can make large-sized showers a great thing to already have.

Of course, your shower can be any size you want, and you can add all the bells and whistles you can think of.  For example, a frameless shower door is easier to keep clean and provides an unrestricted view. Custom tile work adds beauty and can also be easier to clean. Add in a fantastic shower head, and you’ll have a veritable oasis you can turn to for releasing the effects of a stressful day. If you have questions about showers and other bathroom renovation features, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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