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Put your own stamp on your property with our renovation services.

Buying a property often involves making concessions with your own style and desires in order to get the space, size and location that you would like. Sometimes a space is perfect, but many times it was built to someone else’s taste. Here at McNamara’s Home Improvements, we are able to help you put your own stamp on your property, whether it is a commercial or residential one. If you are in the Winter Park, Florida area, our team of experts would like to help you personalize and improve your property with our renovation services.

Renovation Services in Winter Park, Florida

Some of our most common and most popular renovation services are the kitchens and bathrooms of residential properties. These spaces tend to be dated or built for another generation, which makes them great areas to improve as an investment in your property. We are able to create a beautiful space in which you can relax and enjoy. We complete renovation services such as new countertops, cabinets, backsplashes, trim and molding, fine woodworking, showers, soffits, and much more. With our help and expertise, we can take your space from bland to beautiful!

Our renovation services are of the highest quality. From the beginning, we have worked with property owners, both residential and commercial, and continued to complete quality work with our team. We are able to examine and ensure top-notch services this way. We are licensed and insured, as well as fully covered in case of incidentals. We would be delighted if we could help you put a personal touch on your home or commercial space that would help improve its look and functionality. If you would like to learn more about our renovation services, please contact us today.


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